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First Anniversary

First Anniversary

How can a year have already passed by since the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE? I feel like it's been the most anti-climactic milestone thus far because I've been so busy lately that I haven't even really had time to think about everything that was going on this time last year! However, yesterday definitely made me see our anniversary in a different light.

It's funny because all week Mitchell has been planning this for me. I knew that something was up, I can read him like a book, but I had no idea that it would be this good. He had told me that his boss wanted to treat us to an early anniversary dinner (because we will be celebrating in San Francisco on our actual anniversary), and that we would be going to Market Street Grill up in Salt Lake. I thought something was fishy (get my reference?? lol), but I played along. In fact, I really did think that we were heading to Market Street, so I had planned to drive up to Salt Lake a little early to hand over a hard drive to someone. Oops. 

I had been working on my computer all day and got ready around 6:30. He told me to dress nice. We hopped in the car and made our way to 300 west in Salt Lake, handed off the hard drive, and started on our way back to South Jordan, where "we were going to dinner." It wasn't until we were at about the point of the mountain that I realized that we had completely passed South Jordan and said, "wait, isn't Market Street back there?" Mitchell looked at me and said, "um, yeah, I realized that I left my wallet with my boss' credit card in it at home. Which is funny because we always joke about me leaving stuff everywhere." At this point, I really did think we were still going to get some fish n' chips (lol do they even serve that?), so I said, "well, do we have to drive all the way back? Can't we just find something in Orem?" to which Mitchell responded, "maybe my wallet is in here. Will you check in the door and that glove compartment." GUYS I BOUGHT IT! HAH! 

I had my hands in the door pocket when Mitchell popped open the glove compartment and a letter fell out. With the same paper that I had received once a week while he was on his mission <3 awwwww! It was addressed to "Mrs. Fowler," and told me that we weren't actually going to Market Street Grill (at that point I was like... "uhhh sorry we drove all the way up there!"), that I needed to put a blindfold on, and that he had planned a special night for us so that we could reconnect and remember how special our love really is. I put the blindfold on a little prematurely, so it felt like I was under there forever. But when we got to our destination and he took it off of me, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was standing "where it all began" on July seventeenth last year. I have joked for the last 12 months that I wish so badly that we could just do it all over again-- the food, the florals, the feeling, and Mitchell made that my reality last night as we celebrated our early one year anniversary of marriage.

As we sat together in the field where our reception was, SO many memories came back and it literally felt as though I was back in my white dress and he in his suit, celebrating the first day of our lives together. It was the best day! But this comes in close second.

I can't believe that I have married someone who adores me enough to make my dreams reality. Someone who will work so hard and secretly for weeks planning and executing a night like this. I seriously cried as I realized that I lucked out-- I get to love him forever! 


July Seventeenth

July Seventeenth