Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking an interest in my work. I am a hybrid, film and digital, wedding and portrait photographer, aiming to create beautiful, timeless, romantic, and everlasting images for you and yours to enjoy for the rest of your lives. I love to use natural light to highlight the best and most raw pieces of your life and love in a unique way that you will cherish forevermore. 

Living in the heart of Utah, I love to spend time with family, read up on new, fresh recipes, take walks near the mountains, eat whole foods, and always find new ways to capture this life I have been given. I was married to my high school sweetheart on a sunny day in July of 2015 near the place we met. We now reside as working students in Orem, Utah- discovering the many things we enjoy to do, both as a couple and individually.

Email me at hunterkfowler@gmail.com about further questions regarding pricing and inquiries, I'd love to work with you! 

My Story

Photography is a passion in which I can express myself and capture pure, heartfelt images of my family, my life, and my love of beauty and clean aesthetic. I found myself behind the lens of a camera at a young age when my father would bring home the newest and greatest cameras that Costco had to offer (haha). From that point on, I took photographs of everything-- from gadgets around the house to the movement of my, at that time, young siblings. 

It was in the summer of my thirteenth year that I took the most photographs. I would use my fathers point and shoot camera to photograph day in and day out, and most of the time, my four year old brother, Cooper, was the subject of my photographs. I took hundreds. Of his smile, of his dimples, of his hair, and of the way his body would squirm through each frame. 

On July 31, around 2 pm, my brother Cooper took his last breath in the driveway at our home. The morning after he died, I woke early and walked down the stairs that overlooked our kitchen. Before the hustle and bustle of the day and before family arrived to share condolences, I sat on the second stair up admiring photos of my sweet brother that were hung throughout the walls of my home by my aunts and mother the day before. As I reflected, I realized that I was the one who had taken all of those images. Had I not, my family would have only our mental photographs to remember our angel boy.

After that day, my camera sat in my closet for some time and it took me a while to pick it back up after he died. It was hard for me because, for the most part, he was the only subject that I used to capture. Time had passed and I remember sitting on the porch with my mom. We were talking about the way that I was grieving through the process and how photographing had become something hard and somewhat painful to me when she said, "you pick that camera back up! Cooper would want you to! Don't stop just because he isn't here, capture the moments just like you did when he WAS!" I grabbed the point and shoot off of the shelf, dusted it off, and I have not put a camera down since. 

From that time forward, I have realized how important the little moments are, and I strive to freeze them in time for each and every one of my clients. I want YOU to have something tangible of the memories to look back on for years and years to come. So let me capture the many moments that have been given to you! 

Available for travel worldwide!